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I offer fitness training, boxing, Martial Arts, TRX & specific specialty training for YOUR sport. 

My training style is based on time tested solid foundations of form, function & fit. I use traditional as well as "new" & current exercises that really work - no FAD exercise that only looks good on TV!!!!

Form simply means you're going to do the exercises correctly and no throwing weights or your body around like some cave-man or cave-women.

Function is exactly that, no "new" exercise just because it's on the web or looks cool. I'll do "functional" exercises that lead you to your goals and make you strong & lean for an active life.

Fit in this sense of the word means it "fits" YOU. No cookie-cutter workouts. Yes, at some point your workout will look very much like a lot of others - that's because you have arms and legs like all my other clients, but YOUR workout is YOUR workout. It will FIT you and no one else.

I train at the Boerne Family YMCA. Your initial fitness assessment is free then we offer a one-time-get-started package of 3 training's for $99.00. After that sessions are $55.00 for 1-5 sessions / $50.00 for 6-11 / $45.00 for 12+ sessions.

We are offering a 12 week Adult Martial Arts / Self Defense course; it contains 4 weeks of; "stand up" skills - blocks, punches & kicks and how & when to make them work in a self defense situation ...

4 weeks of; ground fighting skills. This is NOT "sport" skills, but real world, to-the-point survival fighting, just like the ones I teach to law enforcement and military ...

4 weeks of; hand to hand self defense skills, like when you're grabbed or being choked, all skills are of the highest quality ... no "junk" karate moves, just the skills that really work!

We are also offering Youth Martial Arts classes. Ages 7-10 on Tuesdays at 5:30-6:30p & ages 11-14 on Thursdays at 5:30-6:30p. Ages 15 and older go to the adult class. 

Let me help you get LEAN & MEAN in 2016!!!!  




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